21 psychological films (thrillers) that will send you on tilt

21 psychological films (thrillers) that will send you on tilt

Psychological films : the 21 that will make you completely change your perspective.

Cinema: the only art form in which the works move and the spectator remains motionless.

Ennio Flaiano

Would you like to have some fun with some films that gratify your mind from a psychological point of view?

You are in the right place.

I have specially prepared this list of films that will tilt your brain and make you think like never before.

At the bottom of the article you will also find the films that I mentioned in other articles: films that open your mind and films that make you think.

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Best psychological thriller movies to (re) watch

Let’s start with the thriller psychological films characterized by a fitting and tight rhythm.

# 1 Memento

Memento is the work of a newcomer Christopher Nolan who, with a very small budget, manages to create a truly exceptional psychological experience .

This psychological thriller does not follow the normal course of time but we will see the film go backwards.

The scenes will slowly reconstruct the protagonist’s story: a must see .

# 2 The Thomas Crawford case

A splendid Anthony Hopkins plays an aeronautical engineer with an extraordinary intelligence: a recurring characteristic of this extraordinary actor.

This psychological film manages to keep us both on the side of the protagonist and on the side of the antagonist .

This union creates a very particular psychological narrative.

# 3 The Machinist – The man with no sleep

The Machinist is one of those bittersweet-flavored psychology films whose flavor is not well understood.

If you like these nuanced and uncertain sensations, you can take a journey into human psychology.

# 4 Shutter Island

Leonardo Di Caprio catapults us to an island where he is called to investigate the mysterious events that are taking place.

The story proceeds linearly but with constant references to something that will only be discovered towards the end .

And the very end will reserve a choice of the main character that will make you think a lot about life.

# 5 Limitless

Limitless is one of the psychological films that I liked the most, not surprisingly I also mentioned it in the list of motivational films (you can find the link to these films at the end of the article).

What would happen if a pill could suddenly awaken our latent potential?

Limitless brings with it numerous psychological implications related to this aspect: a must see.

# 6 Buried – Buried

If you suffer from claustrophobia I do not recommend watching this psychological film.

The story begins with the images of a man who wakes up buried alive inside a coffin: why is he there? Will he get out?

The whole film takes place inside the coffin, for this reason the psychological aspect is predominant : to see especially if you are studying psychology.

# 8 Flightplan – Mystery in flight

This is one of those psychological films that will keep us in doubt for the duration of the film.

Jodie Foster is perfect in the role of the slightly crazy woman who doesn’t know whether to believe or not.

# 9 Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty is a highly discussed film with Will Smith.

Many find it fantastic while others find it boring and uninspiring.

The only way you have to evaluate it and watch it and get your opinion , is the fact that it is a full-fledged psychological film.

# 10 Hidden in the dark

Robert De Niro plays the part of an affectionate father of a quiet little girl.

But something hides in the dark and will undermine the splendid relationship between father and daughter.

A must see.

# 11 Non stop

The excellent Liam Neeson takes us to a story that begins with little originality but which will gradually become more and more interesting.

Thanks to this psychological film we will be able to get into the minds of different characters and feel almost what they feel.

Animated film about psychology

There are also psychological films in the animation scene, here are the best three.

# 12 I want to eat your pancreas

What happens when a girl who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease encounters a boy who lives his life apathetically, listlessly and indifferently?

I want to eat your pancreas tells this story and does it in very subtle psychological ways.

This work has incredible psychological, philosophical, ethical and relational implications, you cannot miss it.

Unfortunately, however, there are many prejudices about animated films that we must try to overcome to watch. I want to eat your pancreas as if we were watching any other movie.

Small note: initially I wanted to insert Kimi no na wa (Your name) but from the psychological point of view I was most affected by I want to eat your pancreas; if you like the latter, I advise you to give Your name a chance too.

# 13 Inside Out

Inside Out is one of those psychological films that has different levels of reading.

A child will see fun and laughter, but an adult person will get many psychological insights that others don’t notice .

# 14 Death Note

Death Note is one of the most well-known, debated and discussed psychological animation works of the last few years.

I am really on a very high level about the first ten episodes and I have noticed a drastic drop in the following ones.

If you have never approached this kind of series, give it a chance watching only the first two episodes, you will see that you too will be captured.

Psychological films that shake the brain

Let’s move on to the films on psychology that do not leave you indifferent.

# 15 The Danish Girl

The Danish girl is the story of the first trangender.

As you can imagine, history gives rise to the existential psychological and philosophical debates that still go on today.

# 16 Planet of the Apes (the original)

I didn’t particularly like the modern saga of The Planet of the Apes, but the original 1968 movie is different.

History will bring out numerous philosophical, psychological and religious aspects of the human species .

It will certainly leave you some ideas to reflect on.

# 17 The butterfly effect

I only saw The butterlfy effect recently but it managed to catch me like few other films.

From the beginning you have the feeling of entering an incredible psychological world where the time factor is strongly linked to the protagonist’s mind.

It is certainly one of the psychology films I recommend the most.

# 18 The experiment (2010)

The experiment is the cinematographic transposition of the Stanford prison experiment .

The experiment stated that it wanted to investigate human behavior in a society where individuals are exclusively defined by a group of belonging.

The psychological film therefore sees the voluntary imprisonment of some people who will be divided into prisoners and jailers .

If you study psychology or are fascinated by these experiments you should definitely see The experiment.

# 19 The thirteenth floor

This psychology film tries to give another hypothesis about the reality around us.

What comes out is puzzling and as far as we know it could be really real.

# 20 Fight club

Fight club has enjoyed considerable media success, not so much for the psychological aspects of the film as for the combat aspect.

If you manage to go beyond the fighting scenes you will discover the story of two very different figures who have everything in common .

# 21 It is never too late

The timeless Morgan Freeman catapults us into a far-fetched story that hits straight to the heart.

What would you do if you were told that you were only a few days old?

It is never too late to offer a hypothesis and the psychological implications that arise are truly extraordinary.

Other psychological and non-psychological films

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