79 wonders that happen when you invest in yourself

79 wonders that happen when you invest in yourself

Who cannot change his mind cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

What happens when we invest in our personal growth, our awareness and our self-esteem?

We slowly begin to change and day after day the world around us takes on a new shape .

Here is what it feels like to invest in yourself in a constant and determined way.

The real wonders that happen within us

  1. We criticize others less and consequently also ourselves
  2. We develop perseverance, discipline and willpower
  3. Others start to believe in us
  4. We want to live more valuable training experiences
  5. We see our success as something unique and personal
  6. Awareness rises dramatically
  7. We begin to reflect on our life
  8. People start following us
  9. We make less excuses (and do more)
  10. Let’s stop procrastinating the most important activities
  11. We reevaluate our past in an objective and healthy way
  12. We are hopeful for our future
  13. The negative people slowly move away
  14. What used to be dreams start to come true
  15. We learn to listen actively
  16. Other people start to respect us for the value we give
  17. We understand that nature has a lot to teach
  18. The mistakes of the past no longer pollute our present
  19. We think more positive and less negative
  20. We see the world differently
  21. We deliberately establish new habits
  22. We make less unnecessary castles in the air
  23. We appreciate the wise stories of the past more
  24. We realize that before our eyes were closed
  25. We accept introversion as part of us (if we are)
  26. Let’s stop looking for the magic pill or the miracle system for making money
  27. We easily recognize personal growth smoke sellers
  28. The rest of them begin to respect what we say
  29. We restructure our ego (often unknowingly)
  30. We begin to understand what we want from life
  31. We live a happier life
  32. Our bearing improves little by little
  33. We feed ourselves better
  34. We become aware that learning never stops
  35. We manage our time better because it is our life
  36. We abandon the desire to be perfect
  37. We would like to learn more and more
  38. Our home takes on a new look
  39. We focus more on what we already have
  40. We begin to follow a strict media diet
  41. We feel more energetic
  42. We start to see things that others don’t see
  43. We improve our working environment
  44. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others
  45. We listen to the highest quality podcasts
  46. Let us abandon the obsession with control over everything
  47. Natural self-esteem begins to build itself
  48. We do more movement without realizing it
  49. We do not wait for what is not ours
  50. We begin to understand that we always have a choice
  51. We learn to generate more money (without demonizing it)
  52. The mind becomes stronger
  53. Ideas flourish
  54. The body also begins to change
  55. We completely transform our life
  56. Our relationships change (for the better)
  57. Let’s start reading more
  58. The knowledge of ourselves rears up
  59. We find our inner peace
  60. Let’s stop waiting for the miracle because we know we can create it
  61. Let’s go through with what we’re doing
  62. Let us abandon our weakening beliefs
  63. We learn to observe reality from different points of view
  64. We write a personal diary
  65. We want to leave something important after us
  66. We learn a lot of life lessons
  67. We begin to see technology as a tool and not as a distraction
  68. We increase our personal productivity
  69. We become decidedly more responsible for our lives
  70. Let’s learn to read a little faster
  71. We are more motivated and determined
  72. We sleep better
  73. We see opportunities everywhere around us
  74. The mind begins to open up to a new consciousness
  75. We are better prepared for others
  76. We become better people without realizing it
  77. We care less about what others think of us
  78. Let’s rediscover the real models to follow
  79. We begin to see change as an opportunity

Haven’t you started to seriously invest in yourself yet?