Act, even before you’re ready to do it

Act, even before you’re ready to do it

The secret to achieving your dreams is to start – Veronica Rossi 

It is 1966 and a dyslexic boy made a difficult decision, that of dropping out of school. Time at home gave him the opportunity to think and shortly afterwards together with a friend, he decided to found a magazine dedicated to students. Thanks to that idea, which immediately seemed to be appreciated by young students, he began to earn by selling advertising space to local companies.

That zealous boy who was eager to find a way to grow his magazine further, thought he would start selling mail-order records to his magazine’s subscribers. This idea was also very successful and the sales were so fruitful that it allowed him to open his first record store. Perceiving the possibility of good opportunities in this area, after two years he decided to open a recording studio, and not happy, also a record label.

So he started renting his recording studio to some local artists, including: Mike Oldfield. It is in this small studio that Oldfiel recorded his first international success that led him to sell 5 million copies.

In the following decade, the creator of that record label decided to invest in artists then unknown and today among the most famous in the world: the Sex Pistol and Rolling Stones. In the meantime, not happy with everything he had created so far, he started new and numerous companies.

He was thirty when, on his way to the Virgin Islands to see his fiancée (current wife), he suddenly discovered that his flight, as well as the last of the day, had been canceled. Angry and frustrated with the situation, he did not lose heart and tried to rent a private plane. However, not having enough money to do so, this eventuality seemed impossible . This did not stop his tenacity. Suddenly a stroke of genius.

He took a slate and wrote above: Virgin Airlines $ 39, showing it to the group of passengers who, like him, were bound for the Virgin Islands and who, like him, had suffered the inconvenience of canceling the flight. He soon managed to sell all available seats on the plane and rent it. Virgin Atlantic was born from that plane delay.

Today that boy who dropped out of school, who started business despite his inexperience, and despite his lack of knowledge, is one of the richest men in the world, and owns 400 companies, which are part of the Virgin Group . His name is Richard Branson.

With this story I do not want to communicate that it is useful to leave school or buy a railway company every time the train delays, but it serves as an example, a warning for everyone. Stories like these have a lot to teach. People who have done big things like Richard Branson are models to be inspired by . Not so much for what they did, but more for how they did it.

Act, even before you’re ready to do it

The great teaching of this story can be summed up in one word: to act.

Richard Branson dropped out of school and entered the world of work by starting activities of any kind. It led Sex Pistol to success when everyone else considered them uninteresting for the market at the time. He managed to rent a plane despite not having enough money and from what was initially a bad inconvenience, an airline was born.

This approach to life can be a model to follow, useful for everyone. Richard Branson, like other successful people, start their businesses even before they feel ready to do it. Even before having all the necessary knowledge to do it . And from this, they are not intimidated. This is often the secret of success. The courage to make that leap into the unknown, which many do not have the courage to do.

The brand of which Branson is founder, bears the name of Virgin, and was chosen precisely because he and his partners were “virgin” compared to the activities they decided to undertake. Virgin Group, includes as a whole, disparate activities of all types, from music to gyms, through travel and telephony.

On the other hand, it is unthinkable, impossible, that whenever Branson started doing business in such different areas, he was ready and perfectly prepared to do it. He was not a pilot, and he knew nothing about aeronautical engineering, yet despite this he founded an airline.

When you are working on something important it is very likely that you never feel ready, never totally convinced, to start. It is a frequent and almost forced condition. As if you were forced to feel unprepared before going into a new business . Still, the truth is that everything you have before you leave is enough.

It is planned, procrastinated, overhauled, but usually what you have in your hands, just when you are doing all this, is enough to leave, to take the first step.

And this applies to everything, every challenge, every novelty that you decide to undertake. Whether it is reaching a very ambitious goal, reading that book that is picking up dust on the shelf, or losing weight, or starting a new company.

Who you are, what you have and what you do

Who you are, what you have, what you know, are more than enough elements to start, to go in the direction you dream of. All that needs to be done (which is no small thing) is to take the first step. This will be the real driving force , the real motivation that will allow you to clash with many things, which by not acting, you could not see.

You may not believe me, but many people, now considered successful, have started from nothing: no money, no resources, little experience, yet they have decided to start, and this, together with ideas, is what the difference.

Regardless of what your starting point is, what you would like to do, what you want to achieve, always remember that the secret to achieving your dreams is to start , even before you can feel ready to do it.