Ape another person resizes ourselves

Ape another person resizes ourselves

Be yourself, everyone else has already been taken.

Oscar Wilde

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis article was born by observing some people I know: one in particular .

I will try not to name names, but I will use enough details to make the phenomenon I have witnessed several times clear.

Have you ever liked a cartoon character, a movie or a series so much that you wanted to be him?

In the past, yes, many characters are studied really well , even with the help of psychologists and communication specialists.

Sometimes when this character we like represents quite accurately what we believe we want at that moment, a mechanism is triggered in our heads.

We like to win easy

In our head it is as if a simple and hidden reasoning took place.

Instead of planning all the necessary actions to reach the best version of ourselves, for example by going to the gym and eating better, we begin to mimic a character.

What does it mean?

It means that both consciously and unconsciously we get into the role of a character by playing a part and changing our behavior.

To return to the person I mentioned at the beginning of the article, we are talking about a character from the Vikings television series, in particular of Bjorn called “the armor” (which in parentheses is a historically existed character).

This person began to mimic Bjorn starting from the simplest and apparently innocent things.

The first step was to change his profile name on all social networks by inserting Bjorn between the name and surname.

Subsequently, there was a substantial change in the way of dressing, of moving and of course a radical change to the haircut.

But what most struck me was not these superficial things but the apparent change of character : I write apparent because the emergence of his real character was evident in many situations.

From a sociable person, witty and often dedicated to jokes, he turned into a more taciturn individual and with behaviors imitating the character of the series.

In addition, whenever someone made an appreciation of this seemingly overlap with the character, he was very satisfied and pleased.

But why do we do it?

Often the causes of this phenomenon are attributable to low self-esteem and above all to a feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s life.

When we are dissatisfied we look for the easiest way, that is, the superficial change given by the imitation of another person, as I also wrote in the article where I explained why spiderman has nothing to do with personal growth.

Often this aping of a character also occurs as a means of escape.

An escape from a life that we don’t like or as an escape to something that we consider more interesting than our very existence.

It is not uncommon, in fact, to mimic completely non-existent and surreal characters such as cartoon characters.

How to defuse the mechanism

Obviously if we are already aware of this mechanism within us, we are already well underway.

Secondly, we need to understand why we want to imitate someone else’s life and why we want to be him instead of being ourselves.

One mechanism to consider in this case is that of acceptance .

I know that imitating a character can make us feel better and can give us that feeling of superiority and self-confidence, but in the long run it is harmful.

Without considering the fact that in this way we will never be able to develop our personality .

So however difficult it may be for us, we have to look in the mirror and accept who we are.

Whether we like it or not, we are what we see in the mirror reflection every morning , pretending to be another person is a harmful and aberrant remedy.