Be patient before anger, you will avoid pain

Be patient before anger, you will avoid pain

Patience is neither fear, nor cowardice, nor disinterest, nor other passive positions of a person towards someone or something.

It happens that it is confused with some of these attitudes, because we are used to seeing people warming up to anger when something does not go in the direction they expect.

Reacting strongly with emotional flooding is a very childish attitude. He does so who has not learned the virtue of patience and has not understood that advancing with caution, especially in adverse conditions, avoids unnecessary pain.

Anger explodes, patience defuses

The nervous tremor that runs through your body from the feet to the head is a sensation known to everyone. In this case there are only two possibilities. One is to let the frenzy come out of your body and explode in someone’s face. The other is to breathe deeply and wait for the body to absorb all that excess energy.

Choosing the first option is very dangerous. Once you open the door of emotion you cannot know what you will do. In the best case, you will seem a little crazy, unable to regulate yourself or too impulsive. In the worst cases you could break important bonds for your work, or worse, for the heart. The words that have escaped the wrath are fiery darts that pierce the heart of the victim for whom they are intended.

Choosing the second option is difficult. One must be mature enough to have assimilated a precious lesson: in life you cannot always do what you want to do.

Learn patience to protect yourself and others

Exploding anger is typical of those people who could be called “almighty children”. Men and women who are not afraid of the consequences of their actions, sometimes because of the role they play, others because in the bond they feel stronger than the person against whom they scream. When they get angry they hurt others, so they should learn to manage anger.

Not bursting with anger does not mean repressing anger deeply. To protect ourselves from excess energy we must learn to live with our emotions without blocking them. Repressed anger makes us feel bad, the secret is patience.

Learn to listen to our body not only in its physical reactions. I understand knee pain, I will also have to learn to understand fear, anxiety, anger, happiness and all other emotions.

Know anger to manage it

The frustration tolerance that accompanies anger is partly genetic. This means that the lucky ones will be able to manage it without any effort, while the others will have to train.

The antidote against anger is the rational answer. We need to break the anger into its individual components and give a name to everything.

“I’m angry about my son’s delay, he’s breaking the curfew and he’s not answering the phone”

The thing that causes me the most anger about this situation is the fact that I don’t respond. If I understand it and stop calling repeatedly, the anger drops. Otherwise it goes up. It takes patience to put up with a child not answering the phone, but that’s the point.

Once you understand what triggers all that negative energy, try to activate positive energy. Calling your son is useless, you could rather think back to when you were young and to stay longer with your girlfriend at the time, you stole time from the curfew imposed by your parents.

Learning patience greatly improves the quality of life.