Document Management: what is it?

The AgID ( Agency for digital Italy ) gives this definition :
The document management of administrative procedures guarantees the correct administration of documents from production to conservation.

Wikipedia provides this information:
The Document management system (DMS) , literally Document Management System , is a category of software systems that serves to organize and facilitate the collaborative creation of documents and other content. Technically it is a server-side application that deals with sometimes massive operations on documents, cataloging and indexing them according to certain algorithms.

Every day the companies are faced with huge and continuous workflows that can (and must) be improved to keep up with the times. Every day the Administrations must collect, sort, catalog, organize, store, manage data and documents that circulate in very large quantities and speeds. Throughout this system, correct document management can be a winning strategy to adopt.

What are the documents with which to adopt document management?
PEC, E-Mail, images, scans, invoices, office documents, invoices and much more.

That is, a document management software that facilitates access to the information stored.
This allows to considerably reduce business costs for archiving, also optimizing the document workflow and ensuring working efficiency .

Search : information and documents recoverable in a few moments.

Accessibility : ability to reach information anywhere, both from the web and from clients.

Eco – Friendly : particular attention to the environment and the reduction of pollution, thanks to the elimination of paper.

Security : access customization allows access to files only to those who have the necessary permissions to do so. In addition, privacy regulations are respected.

Value to documents : the ability to enhance your documents, thanks to archiving, conservation and making them unalterable over time.

Cost reduction : costs of filing, shipping and document management are reduced. In addition, a good document management system allows you to avoid unnecessary waste of time and, consequently, optimize your work.