Everyone thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing himself

Everyone thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing himself

Who can do, does. Who does not know how to teach. Who does not know how to teach, administers. I do not remember where I read this sentence, but I consider it suitable to introduce a discussion against the pain in the ass.

Rompicoglioni is the slang term that I have chosen in this article to define who is projected on you, wants to change your lifestyle, thinking and would like to correct your defects.

Without you asking him anything!

The seductive lightness of looking at others

It’s easy to blame others for your mistakes. However, it is even easier not to notice that you are wrong because you are too busy staring at others.

The peculiar voyerism of our age is the best medicine against introspection. There are so many people who need our help that we will always manage not to find time to help ourselves.

We are neither saints nor heroes. We are a little stupid and a bit of a pain in the ass.

Correcting what is wrong with people would seem a noble intent. Instead, it stands on three rotting pillars. First, the arrogance of having solutions for everything. Second, who asked you? Third, whoever transforms altruism into an alibi for his problems activates one of the most dysfunctional mechanisms known to the psyche.

Example: “I didn’t have time to prepare for the exam because I had to support Marco. Poor, he has just been left by Chiara and is destroyed ”.

The illusion of fixing things with chatter

The reason why politicians often seem inconclusive is that they are. The relationship between actions and promises is usually much lower than one. This imbalance stands out and kills the credibility of a trade.

It would be better to talk less and do more.

Politicians are an easy target, but the problem of getting lost in chatter is very general even among those who do not derive any economic benefit from his chatter.

Warning! There is absolutely nothing wrong with chatter. Talking is beautiful. At the bar with friends, in the car with his girlfriend, at home with his grandmother. Words give fantastic moments, but they don’t change things.

Just acting fixes what’s broken.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, nobody thinks of changing himself

This sentence by Tolstoy is frightening as far as it is true.

Today there is a lot of debate about racism. New words are sought to describe the world. Words that do not create distances. Words that build bridges and eliminate differences.

It seems to me that this borders on madness.

How can you deny that humans have different skin colors?

In my opinion, the problem is not to change the language to undo the differences. It is changing ourselves to learn that differences, there is no reason to hate them.