Fear or desire to re-go out

Fear or desire to re-go out

Illustration: Yaoyao Ma Van As

The emotions experienced during and after the quarantine are probably many and conflicting. The desire to return to one’s own rhythms is countered by the fear of running into new problems. The need for distancing alternates with the desire for socialization . The need to express oneself confronts the anxiety derived from what is unknown.


There are many doubts, the solutions seem few. We move from excessive protection to attitudes that risk falling into irresponsibility . Your health and tranquility must be preserved, but if for fear of being poisoned you stop feeding, it means that you are starting to build defenses so high that they become incompatible with a healthy recovery.

Like any change, it would be better to live it gradually without jumping into the void which would only create further tension. There are those who are so accustomed to take away, to give up their desires that they consider it less difficult to adapt to situations of deprivation, starting to perceive them as their own choices.

Come back to choose

The difficulty now consists precisely in this, being able to listen to one’s own needs and return to making one’s own choices. Some will have to overcome fear to return to recover their habits, their spaces, others have lost their references, they find themselves having questioned everything, so it is not yet clear where to start again and in what way.

There is talk of a return to post-quarantine normalcy, but we must first establish what is meant. Does it concern what was lived before the pandemic? Was everything really so good? Probably not or at least not for everyone.


How to return (or start) to feel good about yourself and others?

The distances during the quarantine have changed, we have adapted to new modalities that in some cases have become so comfortable that we are afraid of moving away from them. We have built a shelter, more or less solid , more or less wide, in which we can feel protected, so much so that leaving it is not as automatic as we expected (for more details, see: hut syndrome). Now you must not be in a hurry, everyone has his own times, his ways, what matters is making good use of them. Take the opportunity to move your steps towards what you really want.

It is not easy to take the time to get to know each other fully, to evaluate whether what you are doing is okay or not, you are more used to waiting for evaluations from the outside , but the first ones to be taken into account are ourselves, although it seems easier to ignore.

Once the background noises have been eliminated, you can listen to yourself and this can be the moment of restart, it will not necessarily be simple or quick, but you just have to start moving towards your goals.


The value of time

The opportunity we are given today is to be able to initiate a profound change, how much time do we dedicate to the people and things we love? How many thoughts are aimed at the race for profit, to purchase the last status symbol of the moment, to fight against time?

Usually the biggest enemy remains him, we never have enough, he passes quickly and we helpless do not know how to fight him. Often it is used as an alibi to not deal with something that is scary , it is filled with futile moments and activities just to not hear the progress of the call to another, to continue to postpone . Yet we should be the ones deciding how to use it. Maybe now we have the opportunity to re-establish priorities. Time must become our ally again.

If you start to value what really matters within your life, perhaps you start to find the courage to carry out choices that until now you have not been able to take, responsibility towards yourself that you have postponed.


Work, love, passions, everything that deeply affects us and that sometimes is carried out more out of habit than out of conviction. I am not suggesting a revolution, but there are probably small changes in every life that are worth considering . Thinking that you are not eternal must not be frightening, but must make you reflect on what you really want to live without continuing to postpone. Now going back to re-exit could bring you closer to making it.