Il Rimuginio: the podcast on repetitive thinking – Ep. 5/5 The purposes of brooding

Il Rimuginio: the podcast on repetitive thinking – Ep. 5/5 The purposes of brooding

Brooding is that chain of thoughts that traps our attention, isolates us inside our mind and keeps us anchored to anger, anxiety and sadness, making them persevering.


In more technical terms, brooding means worrying about the negative things that could happen in the future or constantly reflecting on the negative aspects of one’s existence or past. Sometimes it is an attempt to solve problems, to look for that keystone that allows us to get out of quicksand, sometimes it is a habit learned at a young age that we are scarcely aware of by now. In any case, today we can say that brooding is a psychopathological process with a transdiagnostic value, that is to say a cornerstone of psychological suffering, independent of the content with which it manifests itself.

The release of the book “Rimuginio. Theory and Therapy of Repetitive Thinking ”represented a central stage of a long process of study and research that has accompanied us authors over the last fifteen years. Its publication was accompanied by considerable interest that was not limited to fellow psychologists and psychotherapists. Many people who have attended the presentations or who have read the book have written to us to ask for explanations or to promote a popular and less technical version of its contents. To answer this curiosity we have chosen to translate and synthesize some key messages of the book in this series of programs.

The book is a manual for psychotherapists, this podcast is intended to be a help for everyone, with the ambition to transmit rigorous and clear useful information as well as some suggestions that can be applied independently.

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