Laziness expands to occupy all the free time

Laziness expands to occupy all the free time

I have always dreamed of a moment of total isolation in which to listen only to myself and to line up my dreams, my desires and everything I have already achieved in life.

That moment has come and I’m throwing it away.

I was wondering what makes us waste our free time, so precious today, instead of investing it in something that doesn’t necessarily have to be useful.

I understood that the problem is this: my brain is used to reasoning in terms of useful or useless without understanding the meaning of these two words.


What is useful and what is not.

For very dry people the useful things are those that generate an economic return. However, it seems to me a very reductive definition.

On the opposite side there are those who reject the value of money and probably also reject the word “useful”. We say, however, that for these people the useful things are those that create bonds with our self or with other people.

There is a third category of people who see utility, even in this case I doubt they would call it that, in emotions. Anything that excites me is useful. So the experiences, not the things themselves.

None of this is enough.

What is not empty is useful


The sterile accumulation of economic wealth is not useful. Given the threshold of pure sustenance (I have to live with dignity), wealth increases the number of people’s options. The more money I have, the more things I can make or buy. But if the accumulation of wealth becomes an end in itself a spiral of workhaolism (dependence on work) and it ends up that I die of stress before the 70 years as rich as Mazzarò in the Verga novel.

Wealth is useful when it generates quality in my life.

Introspection and affections

Looking inside can be a very stupid experience. Many forms of meditation that show off high-sounding claims where they promise to get you in touch with your true self, prove to be little more than a relaxation session. Very useful for fighting stress, useless for getting to know each other better.

The same can be said of the relationship with others. Let’s not talk about the fandonia that we are all the same. The truth is cruel, there are people who are worth attending and others who are better avoided. Connecting with someone who is best avoided is not only not useful, it is harmful.

Introspection and affection make sense when they generate quality in my life.

Emotions and experiences

How long does an emotion last? Sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. In some cases it is authentic and obtained by living, at other times it is enjoyed pre-cooked by a film or a book. There are emotions that last a lifetime because they come back every time you look at the woman or man you love. Others that turn off when you turn off the TV. But long or short, not all emotions are useful. The same goes for experiences.

Emotions and experiences are beneficial when they generate quality in my life.


Idleness and laziness.

The period of quiet and rest granted by the opportunity to stop the usual efforts can give quality to my life. If it does, it’s called idleness. If it doesn’t, it’s called laziness.

Idleness is an active process of inner and outer search for meaning.

Laziness is distraction.

As I idle, my mind builds universes that then become ideas and perhaps tomorrow projects. You can laze around in many ways. Watching a movie, talking on the phone with someone, reading a book, looking at the ceiling, leaving the synapses free to generate new connections free from any problem solving need. At the moment when all this happens, however, I am there. The result of this being there is that at the end of idleness I am full of energy and desire to do. I have stimulated my creative brain and I must (mental imperative) generate something.

When I was younger I was very good at lounging around. It was enough for me to watch a movie to be gripped by the desire to go somewhere to do something. I obviously didn’t know where or what. But I couldn’t sit still. I had to do.

Then over the years laziness took over.

Laziness is nothing and it never stops. For this reason it expands until it occupies all the free time available. Being lazy means not being there. It means that at the end of the film it’s already a lot if you remember the plot.

Idleness is useful, laziness is empty.


Laziness expands to occupy all the free time

Laziness is not enough to occupy all your free time. It also contaminates and devours your work, your relationships and your experiences. It spares nothing because it is the antithesis of existence. The emptiness sucks everything. Those who are unfortunate enough to have experienced depression know this well.

For this reason, if there is any advice to give to all of us during this quarantine, it is to not forget to laze around.