LockDown Bites: pills recommendations at the time of COVID-19

LockDown Bites: pills recommendations at the time of COVID-19

Lockdown responses also depend on individual mental health level. Fears, sadness, a sense of helplessness are difficult to manage and can lead to the development of profound psychological disorders over time. We propose below ten recommendations in “ pills ” on how to deal with the lockdown by promoting our psychological well-being.


Advertising message The emergency the world is witnessing is not only of a sanitary nature, but also of an economic, political and non-psychological one. Numerous studies have examined the psychological implications on the population following the application of restrictive government measures to limit virus infections, identifying what may be the major risk and protective factors, the short and long-term consequences, the possibilities of prevention. and intervention (Brooks et al. 2020, Johal 2009, Liu et al. 2012).

The psychophysical implications due to the containment measures have repercussions on the entire population at various intensities, which suddenly faces a drastic restriction of their freedoms and rights, which up to then were considered essential. Particular attention should be paid to health workers, at the forefront of containing the health emergency, to the police, to the volunteers of the Civil Protection and to those who work every day to guarantee the goods and services of primary necessity (DiGiovanni, Conley , Chiu & Zaborski, 2004). The exposure makes these figures particularly vulnerable, but in this war of position, we too are all in the trenches.

In view of the knowledge on the possible negative consequences of the lockdown on the well-being of the population, at a time when the restrictive measures affect around 3 billion citizens worldwide, the search for strategies to prevent and contain psychological consequences is considered of fundamental importance negatives of the pandemic. We have summarized some recommendations in ten “ pills ” in order to promote more resilient behavior for those who are facing this situation from home. The psychological construct of “resilience” refers to the individual’s ability to resist, face and positively reorganize his life after suffering adverse events. We are not born resilient, but we become resilient, through the use of strategies that can be learned and implemented by each of us.

Advertising message When we talk about health we refer to a condition of balance between physical, social and mental well-being. The Italian Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual, which must be guaranteed by providing everyone with equitable care both in medical and psycho-social terms. In this regard, the National Council of the Order of Psychologists (CNOP) has promoted #psicologicontrolapaura, a free remote psychological consultation service. Relying on a mental health professional means giving yourself the opportunity to consider this difficult moment from another point of view, discovering that, even from the discomfort, something positive can arise, such as the rediscovery of oneself and the acquisition of new tools and strategies to be reused in the new challenges that life will present to us.