Looking for something that isn’t there

Looking for something that isn’t there

“I waited a long time, something that is not there. Instead of watching the sun rise … And if there is a secret, it is doing everything as if you only saw the sun, and not something that is not there. ” (“Something that is not there”, Elisa)

We spend most of our time always chasing something: a goal, a dream or a love.

Mood and mood are strongly conditioned by this fixed thought that creeps into the mind very early, sometimes also creating suffering. The latter accompanies us taking us by the hand and assumes, day after day, an invaluable power.

It will certainly also have happened to you who are reading. I’m sure you’ve already seen a couple of examples related to your experience.

In the morning, by opening your eyes, with the sun giving its greeting to the world, you realize that you already have a lot of thoughts oriented towards the future, or rather towards your goal. Not just thoughts and appointments for the day. To be clear, it is absolutely not wrong to plan the day or set goals, we would miss it! What I’m talking about has little to do with it.

I am saying that while you are busy with your thousand daily tasks and projects, all you do is wait, wait … wait until your dream suddenly comes true.

You spend a lot of time fantasizing about how and when it will happen.

It is not necessarily something strange or unattainable, it can also be a promotion at work, a child, a satisfying relationship.

What happens while you wait for that something to finally happen?

It would be wrong to wait to be happy, satisfied, full of intentions, positive and optimistic, don’t you think?

Remember that your life is now. Just as you wait for something that will finally make you satisfied and happy.

When you reach the much desired goal, what will happen? Have you thought about it?

Maybe you haven’t thought about much, a little bit because you think it’s difficult to achieve, a little bit because you never fear.

Probably when you touch that something with your hand, you will already be thinking about how to reach another goal! You will already be projected onto something else.

So you still wait to be really happy.

In other words, you never enjoy the moment and don’t exult enough for what you’ve achieved.

Wait to be happy. As if happiness were relegated to that little dream you wish with all of yourself.

I want to tell you something.

Happiness can be found every day, in small things. It is the journey you take to give yourself unique emotions, not just the goal you reach.

In light of this concept, which may seem trivial, but I assure you it is not, because it is difficult to apply, I would like to convey a precise message. The importance of appreciating all the moments spent, all the challenges, and why not the problems; in other words, be grateful for life as it is.