Love: women more selective than men, so why do they always get the wrong one?

Love: women more selective than men, so why do they always get the wrong one?

The title of this article is false. It is true that women in love are more selective than men. It is false that they always get the wrong one. True and false, according to logic, they result in a false claim.

However, there are cases in which despite the care with which a woman chooses her partner, she still gets the wrong one. How is it possible?

Women in love are more selective

The reason why women in love are more selective is to be found in evolutionary biology. In the mission of passing on her genes, the woman has every interest in choosing a reliable partner, who takes care of the offspring beyond the act of conception.

So unless society has convinced her of the uselessness of man, she will look for a companion who is also a good father.

The biological mission of man, however, would be to go with as many women as possible to increase the probability of spreading his genes. This is why it is less selective.

Although society expects the woman to make herself beautiful to attract the man, she ultimately chooses the partner.

Biology and society

In love, he no longer commands our biological instincts, also because if he did we would probably end up in jail.

However, even if we manage to control the most animalistic instincts, their influence is there, and partially guides some of our attitudes. For this reason, even an independent woman is more selective than a man when she has to choose a stable partner. This has nothing to do with the possibility of having mediocre casual partners.

If they are so selective, why do they always get the wrong one?

I repeat, it is not true that they always get the wrong one. It is true that sometimes it happens and if it happens there is a reason.

The cause of this failure is fantasy. A woman capable of dreaming projects on the future partner of very elaborate fantasies. They are projections of a highly desirable future, in which everything finds its rightful place.

With imagination they imagine happiness.

When chasing a dream, you happen to lose sight of reality. In love as in everything, it happens to be wrong. It is painful, but nothing is perfect as you imagine it. This is only a problem if you believe that in life there is no need to commit. The partner will never be the same as the ideal image in your head. Maybe, however, it will be nice to change a little at a time together, working day after day to build the perfect bond.