“Negro” Vs “Nero”: polically correct is not enough to save the world

“Negro” Vs “Nero”: polically correct is not enough to save the world

L’Oreal, the French cosmetics giant, has announced that they will remove from their vocabulary all words such as white, whitening, clear from products intended to uniform the skin. It is their contribution to the war against racism.

Eliminated the tare of the image return (the name L’Oreal is on all newspapers, advertising at no cost), the fact remains that adapting the language to the contemporary is always a good and right thing.

  • Advertising like this beyond the indignation they cause, they know old

Changing words is not enough to change mentality

Adapting the language to the needs of the politically correct is not enough to fix the world.

Think about religion. There are men and women who attend mass on Sunday, listen to the sermon, introduce words such as brotherhood, tolerance, respect and love for others into their vocabulary.

Despite the indoctrination, some of them consider a world desirable in which the boats that leave Africa full of desperate people ready to risk drowning to invent a life here with us, do not leave at all. Others, however, who do not go to mass, but are ready to help the black boy who asks for two pieces, even if they maybe call him a nigger.

Words when used by the way organize the world the effective way, but they don’t solve it.

The difference between superficiality and substance

The formalisms with which social contexts are faced are superficial. Thinking of a person who is an imbecile emeritus is substance. Giving her you or her does not change the substance.

Today racism is still a problem and always will be. It is very superficial to think that it concerns only the color of the skin. Hate towards others is rooted in our psychology and precarious conditions nourish it.

At this moment in Italy the problem is not only those who come from other countries. For a northern lord the problem may be a southern lord. For a man it can be a woman. For a city it can be the next city. For a condominium, the tenant upstairs.

There is no limit to racism.

Social Identity Theory

In humans the tendency to form groups is natural. We feel part of our (ingroup) and clearly distinguish it from others to which we do not belong (outgroup). We are tolerant and available towards our group, towards others we are more closed, or worse, we feel aversion.

Which is our group and which are the others, it is not decided a priori, we can decide it. Perhaps, therefore, it would be more important to work on bonds and less on words. Heterogeneous groups could be created, the individual differences between their members absorbed with the will of a common goal.

It would be more useful to highlight the differences and value diversity. Make the most of what every human being has to offer instead of looking for less aggressive words to say that we are different.