Psychological test of Yin and Yang

Psychological test of Yin and Yang

Two opposite but complementary and interdependent primordial principles, which explain the origin of the universe and all natural phenomena and the human soul. They are  yin  and  yang , two energetic terms or symbols originating from the void, which with their interaction create the vital energy (qi) and the phenomenal world.

The word Yin means “dark side”, while Yang means “sunny side”. Yin and Yang are two halves which, by joining together, realize wholeness.

Examples of this include day and night, pleasure and pain, life and death… One cannot exist without the other. More than a simple construction of Eastern philosophies, the need to balance opposing energies is a fundamental aspect of all human psychology.

In each of our lives, we need to find a balance between work and family, ambition and recreation, and our intellectual and emotional side. In fact, EQ – emotional intelligence – is at least as important to success and happiness in life as IQ.

Yin and Yang are opposites but one cannot exist without the other, they interface meet, as night meets day when the sun rises and vice versa.

You wonder what’s the point of knowing if you’re more Yin or more Yang !? Well, those who believe in this philosophy believe that a Yin person needs some things to compensate for the Yang lack and in the same way a Yang person needs other things to compensate for the Yin lack.

In other words, the Yin and Yang balance is to be sought and built through factors extrinsic to us. Such as relationships, work, nutrition….

How are you? Are you more light or dark? Night or day? Dynamism or tranquility? Find out with this test. As you can see in the image above there are 6 different designs depicting the yin and yang in different colors and representations. What is the image that first catches your attention? Make your choice then look at the corresponding result.


The choice of this figure indicates ambition. Their desire to emerge and to realize dreams and goals is remarkable. They don’t get discouraged easily but they get bored if they do a chore. If they don’t feel the adrenaline rush in the things they do they feel frustrated and unhappy.

When they set themselves a goal, they do everything to achieve it as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, they get anxious; this happens because they know that the best way to achieve their goals is to work hard every day. Unfortunately, patience is a gift that does not belong to them; they easily become impatient when life puts them in front of unexpected events or events that do not go according to their plans.


The choice of this image indicates creativity. We are therefore talking about creative, complex, paradoxical and not very standardized people. Those who choose this figure do not necessarily have a penchant for musical or artistic creativity.

People who fall into this category can also use their creative skills in other fields of activity, such as science or entrepreneurship. I am able to glimpse possibilities and opportunities around every corner; they continuously collect information to express themselves fully. They are innovative thinkers, able to offer unique and original ways to emerge in life.


The choice of this image indicates altruism. People who are attracted to this representation are characterized by their approach towards others; they love to take care of the weakest or those in difficulty, often assuming a paternal or maternal role. They have a strong weakness for animals in general.

For these people, caring for others is a natural state of existence, which is why their friends always turn to them when they need a shoulder to support them, or they can cry on.


The choice of this image indicates authenticity. Those who are attracted to this image are never afraid to express their opinions; they have learned to live fully by listening to their own soul.

They always express themselves consistently even if their opinions, at times, can be too harsh and not in line with the thinking of others. Basically they do not like “quiet living” to behave according to guidelines that are not their own. For this reason they are often branded as rude people, simply saying things as they see them.


The people who choose this image are characterized by their dynamism. They love to be in charge, to be in control of their life and situations. They are also very attentive to how they move .. they are always looking for practical solutions as they are oriented towards a goal.

However, having a dynamic lifestyle once they reach a goal they immediately move towards the search for a new one, going on like this “without end”. They are independent people who do not like limits and restrictions; they prefer to work independently.

They are not inclined to recognize the feelings and needs of others; not because they don’t care but because they are very focused on achieving their own personal fulfillment. Their strength is their ability to work well under pressure and excel in high stress situations.


You can always rely on people who choose this image. They always fulfill their obligations and remain true to their word. In addition, they love to take care of both their loved one and relatives. Another characteristic of them is patience; they calmly perceive all the people and situations they face and this allows them to easily adapt to any circumstance in life.

Another strong point is the enthusiasm, the extroverted behavior, the friendliness towards others and their ability to persuade even the most skeptical people.

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