Student enters armed school to kill. Stopped by a hug VIDEO

Student enters armed school to kill. Stopped by a hug VIDEO

This chilling video communicates much more than just its content. It tells a story of emptiness very common in men and women that can also take violent drifts.

From my patients I learned to describe emptiness as the absence of positive sensations. It is that numbness that catches you in the morning after a hangover, in the moments after receiving bad news, when you come home exhausted from an intense day of work. Many of us are experiencing the vacuum these days, during the quarantine. The absence of commitments in certain cases brings laziness and laziness devours everything around you. We talked about it HERE.

Think of prolonging this feeling for all hours of the day. Then for weeks. In some cases even for months.

Life disappears.

That of the others, however, continues. Whoever observes others while sinking in his emptiness begins to hate and mature resentment. It increases the distnza between oneself and others to the point where others become an impossible destination. Imagine spending many hours of your day looking at real estate agency sites for photos of houses you can’t afford. At first it can be fun but in the long run it becomes a way to accumulate envy towards those who have lived there and those who will live there.

For the guy in the video, his companions’ normal lives are luxury homes he can’t afford. Finding himself so excluded from happiness, in the moment of life in which happiness should be automatic, ignites hatred in him. He decides to harm his companions. He doesn’t care about the consequences because his life is already made up of nothing. There is no punishment that can frighten those who live in a vacuum.

The solution, fortunately, comes. The antidote to emptiness is its opposite. In this case a hug.

As a gust of stronger wind the embrace comes and it is inevitably a positive feeling. The first that the boy had tried for who knows how long. Thanks to this feeling, the void gets a little aside, the death plan goes away.

This story gives us two suggestions for making the world a better place.

The first is to recognize the emptiness that eats the life of someone who may be close to us. Respect it but try to propose alternatives. There is always a way to give a positive feeling to those who need it.

The second tip is to learn how to give hugs the right value.