Summer during the pandemic

Summer during the pandemic

This year has put us to the test. A tremendous test both physically and mentally. During the forced closure many of us felt lost, deprived of the social contacts that we previously believed were so obvious. Man needs relationships and relationships and as much as technology has helped us, let’s not fool ourselves, looking into each other’s eyes is another thing. Perhaps we have understood that phones and PCs cannot replace a hug, a handshake or a kiss.

The summer was hot. But what did it represent for many of us? A rematch. On what? About the virus. On the prohibitions. On taxation. On who knows what other abstract concepts. And that’s how we let ourselves go, lowering our guard and thinking that it was all over and over now because, after all, it was just what each of us hoped in his heart. We traveled, we danced in discos, we kissed companions, friends, relatives. We have claimed our freedom, but by doing so we have put ourselves in danger.

I’m not saying that you have to stop living, having fun or enjoying your years. I’m saying that you have to have respect for yourself and for others. I believe that what many have experienced psychologically has been devastating. I was the first to struggle to endure those months locked in the house. Many developed some form of depression, still others vented frustration in their home. Perhaps, however, we can reflect on the fact that if we have been so bad it is because in our house we have never been well. Feeling at home is not easy, not even with your family. Let’s think about difficult, conflicting relationships, for example. We think of those who tried to stay out of their context as much as possible.

So let’s improve our internal relationships and the relationship with ourselves, after we can afford to return to normal. The road is still long, but we must grow, take our responsibilities, be strong and mature to understand that the virus is still here. It hides behind our frailties and advances. Be strong. We have to be. We have to support ourselves. We must love each other, even without kisses and without hugs. We have done a lot, but this much is still little. Let’s not give up right now. It will be hard to resume after the summer because we do not know what awaits us, but we think about our loved ones and our health and we pay the utmost attention so as not to be careless.

Strength and courage friends, we can only get out of it together. We will also overcome this pandemic, even this endless struggle.