The 12 Laws of Karma that improve life

The 12 Laws of Karma that improve life

“Karma is not revenge, it is a reflection of your actions”

That of “karma” is a key concept of Indian religious and philosophy; regardless of the “creed”, the “karmic laws” can be applied to improve the quality of daily life. Even if that of karma is not a theme of the psychological sciences and techniques, the concepts expressed are strongly linked to individual and interpersonal well-being. Let’s see all the details.

Karma: etymology and definition

The word Karma derives from Sanskrit, an Indian language dating back to the 10th century, Karman and can be translated as “action”, or “cause that brings certain effects”. It is also called the law of cause and effect , it is something that is created through action and is entirely up to us .

Karma can be positive, but also negative, and it represents the baggage of who we are and what we do. Very often we hear about karma, sometimes superficially without understanding the deep concept. We find the word karma everywhere: on Facebook, in songs and in everyday language; in fact, how many times have you ever heard statements like “It is my karma”. This term is sometimes confused with destiny that rewards or punishes.

The meaning is much deeper, at the base of which is the great law of cause and effect, of action and reaction, according to which what you give today will be what you will receive tomorrow ; it is therefore linked to free will and is included in a cycle of “death and reincarnation” belonging to Eastern philosophies and Hindu religions.

Karma is a direct consequence of our behavior and is not governed by a supreme law.

Types of karma and karmic laws

There are different types of Karma, the best known is the individual one, which depends entirely on us, then there is the family Karma which includes all the vicissitudes of the various generations, which brings positive or negative effects on the family of the present. There is collective karma, which includes all the people who live with us or in our neighborhood, district etc. and last but not least there is world Karma, which encompasses the entire universe.

To lead a better life there are 12 laws of karma , which are not real laws, but life lessons that help you make the necessary changes within yourself to generate positive karma and free yourself from negative karma.

1. Law of creation

According to this law, one must be an active participant in one’s life if one wishes to achieve what one wishes.

2. Law of humility

In this karmic rule it is important to know how to accept the true reality of something before you can ever change it. To accept this it is important to be introspective.

3. Law of growth

In this law it is necessary to work on a change in oneself before expecting the world to change around us, this is because we have control over ourselves and not over what surrounds us.

4. Law of responsibility

It aims to teach that we should try to take responsibility, both for the good and for the bad, rather than looking for excuses outside of ourselves.

5. Law of connection

It emphasizes the interconnectedness of past, present and future and that it takes time to right the karmic wrongs of the past.

6. The law of focus

This teaches that our life will be better and more satisfying if we direct our attention to a single activity at a time and if we focus on high values.

7. Law of hospitality

If you firmly believe in something and are convinced that you can achieve it then you will be oriented towards practical actions that will guarantee its achievement.

8. Law of the here and now

According to Buddhism, karma is linked to living in the present, and it is the only time we have available and that must be fully exploited. In fact, in the Buddhist view karma is fundamental and it is what permeates the whole universe, every action and intention generates a certain type of karma.

The substance of karma in Buddhism is the one closest to our Western view, according to which every action generates good, evil or neutrality and these energies never disappear into thin air. It all comes back

9. Law of change

According to this law, the universe sends us what we need. If you think you are stuck in a circle, and that things repeat themselves there is something fundamental that has not yet been addressed.

If, on the other hand, something around you suddenly changes and this causes you suffering, then it means that you are taking steps for your growth.

10. Law of patience and reward

This rule states that your greatest successes require great effort, hard and constant; this means that you must have patience, try to understand what your purpose is and persevere in achieving it

11. Law of meaning and inspiration

When you need a motivational boost, it’s a good law to think about. Every little contribution you make will affect the entire universe, the energies are interconnected.

Last but not least is the law of cause and effect according to what you sow you reap, everything you give is also what you will receive. But below this essential concept is better explained to understand the importance of Karma.

12. Law of cause and effect, chance does not exist

Exact! The twelfth law says chance doesn’t exist. Everything that happens to us is for a specific reason, everything comes to teach us something, to learn lessons from life and to make us grow.
It is useless to blame destiny, because everything that happens to us depends entirely on us, who are solely responsible for our life.

We shape our tomorrow based on what we say, think and do today, the action you are taking now is determined by the thought you have done previously. Often we do not pay attention to what we do or say, ignoring the law of “cause and effect” which is always in place. We should be aware of it to correct the quality of our actions, thoughts and what we say.

The “positive karma”

If you want to have immediate feedback you have to apply it to personal relationships . For example, if you go to the bank and you start complaining about everything, how do you think you are treated by the employee you need? Try to think that the other also perceives your state of mind, as you show yourself you will have a consequent feedback.

The law of karma teaches you that you are responsible for your life : with your words, your thoughts, your actions and your reactions, you are responsible for everything that happens to you … karma is the reflection of your actions.

The concept of karma is therefore very broad and contains many meanings, and accumulating “positive karma” allows us to have a better life now and … for some Hindu religions also in the next! Do not you believe it? Seeing is believing 😉

“Karma is experience, experience creates memory, memory creates imagination and desire, desire creates karma again”
-Deepak Chopra-