What is judgment?

Judgment is the set of values, beliefs, ideas that we believe are right and desirable, which we have made our own over time, and with which we totally identify.

Until we think that these ideas  coincide with who we are .

We have  a precise idea  of how our boyfriend / girlfriend, parents, friends, strangers on the street, work colleagues and others in general should behave.

How they should dress, talk, what sexual customs a woman should wear and which a man. We have a clear idea of ​​what is desirable for them to do and say.
We are continually striving to divide the world into right / wrong.
If someone or something deviates from our parameters, from their own and personal expectation of how others should think and behave, here is the uncontrollable judgment.

 On several occasions  we feel sometimes superior and sometimes inferior to others , giving rise to a competition where we ourselves represent the relentless judge who assigns the scores.
In this competition between superior and inferior, everyone actually loses. When we consider ourselves superior to someone, or even inferior, the effect is the same: self-esteem falls.  “Before judging my life or my character, put on my shoes, walk the path I have traveled. Live my pain, my doubts, my laughter. Live the years that I have lived and fall where I fell and get up as I did. Everyone has their own story. And only then you can judge me.”

Every man or woman, beyond the apparently even despicable role he plays in society, is only playing a script.

Beyond this mask is the sacred divine spark of life.
And it is present in everyone, however difficult to believe, even in those who commit crimes, murders or the most heinous crimes. The essence of woman and man is divine and is present in all without distinction. So what do we do? Do you always say yes and to everyone and to anyone? No! The attitude of acceptance can persist even only within our heart and we can then externally put the limit on those who make us sick and say no to the circumstances that cause suffering. Each of us is at a different level of consciousness and is surrounded and interacts with people who have their own level of consciousness, each with his own path. There must be no judgment in this but lucid discernment. Learn to use discernment rather than judgment.
Discernment involves acceptance (even if, as I said, even within oneself), judgment involves only rejection.

In discernment there is the ability to understand which situations are nutritious for you and which ones are toxic. In discernment, mind you, the heart is serene, light, non-judgmental and no moral judgment is sentenced.

In discernment the heart is involved and the mind is serene and lucid. Judgment is the speaking of the mind, the rambling of the same, which judges between what is right and what is wrong. The judgment goes from the simple I am better than another person because I have designer clothes, the machine to scream, more like, or it can involve more immaterial and “refined” subjects: I am superior because I have more titles, more culture, I am more spiritual of others. However, it is very important to know that in the society where we are immersed, it is impossible not to judge (you don’t have to blame yourself!). Each of us filters through the beliefs of our personality what is right or wrong. The real point of the situation is not so much to stop judging but to start realizing all the situations in which each of us judges.
(judge ourselves that we judge).

To start, all you have to do is realize all the situations in which you judge, and each one according to the personality tendencies will have their own, noting when you compare yourself to others feeling in some better and worse situations.

 Give yourself permission to  also experience the emotions  that are experienced at that moment, for example: pride / pleasure when you feel superior, shame / inadequacy when you feel inferior. Experiencing, not denying oneself, emotions to learn how to manage them and no longer identify with them. You will get out of it freer and stronger people.