The happiness of the little things

The happiness of the little things

“Happiness is like a butterfly that if you chase it you can never catch it, but if you sit quietly it can also rest on you” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

What is happiness? The word happiness derives from the Latin “felix” and literally indicates the state of those who truly possess what satisfies them . In reality it is a very broad concept and like emotions it is not easy to define, you have to experience it to understand it.

Unlike pleasure, which is excitement and emotion, happiness is a state of inner calm and peace , such serenity and security that, regardless of what happens, one remains almost imperturbable. We all want to be happy, have positive emotions and often we look for this happiness in material goods, which are indispensable for living, but do not make us deeply satisfied, do not satisfy our most hidden needs, in doing so we achieve ephemeral and completely relative happiness. .

But happiness cannot exist alone; in fact the other side of the same coin is suffering.

Happiness and suffering

One thing we forget is that happiness is impermanent, it does not last forever , it changes it evolves, it changes, at least that relative and linked to material goods. There may be bad days, when we see everything black and experience great suffering. But what is suffering? And what is its purpose?

It is a condition of pain that can affect the body or the mind, we can suffer for love, for a trauma, for a disappointment and much more, and it represents a fundamental condition for our existence, joy cannot exist without suffering, because teaches us to fully understand the concept of happiness.

We often hear it said in this way: “When I get a promotion I will be happy”, “I will be happy when I have the house of my dreams”, thus tying happiness to something that will happen in the future, forgetting the present and the importance of here and now, planning our happiness , when instead we should plan the objectives to achieve results, and enjoy the journey and not the destination. But what does this mean?

It means recognizing happiness in little things and this can be considered a gift, which develops over time, with commitment and perseverance, appreciating what we have and what surrounds us, learning to enjoy the little things that happen to us and training us to recognize them.

How to relax to happiness

The importance of the here and now: it is essential to live in the here and now, to lead a conscious life, we must find serenity and balance in everyday things, in our everyday life, within our life path, which we know not it is so linear, but fraught with obstacles. These obstacles are not to be considered negatively, on the contrary they hide opportunities to be happy; through action and questioning, we can draw from the worst several very important lessons for our life. Faced with the obstacles that life continually puts us, we learn to know ourselves more and more and to grow on a personal level.

Happiness is built and recognized in what surrounds us, from the blade of grass in the lawn below the house, the birds singing in the trees, the sunlight that amazes us every day with its ever new colors, the smell of wet land after a rainy day, read a good book and dream with the protagonist, the laughter of the people we love, summer evenings by the sea and winter evenings on the sofa with a blanket and a hot herbal tea.

1) Make a list of the things that bring you well-being : make a list of the things that cause us pleasure such as walking in the woods, listening to good music, reading a book, cooking your favorite dish and so on; everyone has different preferences and feels happy about different things, it’s up to you to decide what to put on the list

2) Organize spaces : having an organization of one’s spaces and arranging personal objects can have internal beneficial effects that reflect the external space; taking care of ourselves and our spaces can help us when we feel down in the dumps.

3) Contact with nature : having direct contact with nature makes us feel alive, you don’t need to go far, just go to the park near your home, observe and listen to what surrounds us, to find a contact with ourselves and with nature and feel happiness.

4) Walking : an excellent way to relax is to take outdoor walks, it frees us from stress and makes us feel better; moreover, walking barefoot is a real therapy, which infuses energy and relaxation.

5) Hug and smile : we often have difficulty in showing what we feel, even a simple hug may seem a very difficult gesture to make, but in its simplicity and spontaneity it brings various psychophysical benefits and improves the relationship with others; don’t forget to smile when you meet someone on the street … it’s free and can change your day! NB .: of course, extraordinary situations such as the pandemic place limits on these spontaneous manifestations but do not completely cancel them.

In all these small, apparently insignificant things, happiness is hidden, which must not be pursued, but which we must learn to recognize.

“Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have” – Oscar Wilde

The secret of happiness

“Happiness lies in the little things, which if you hold your heart become great”
Lucia Debora Paternostro

Happiness is simple and it is the one that most gratifies us and is found wherever we look, but sometimes we forget it taken from the daily commitments, from the appearance and the prototypes of society, we search in the continuous rush to material things, ephemeral things that do not satisfy us on a deep level. Instead it is right there, where we do not expect it! The real secret is to live quietly with what you have, to feel good about yourself and appreciate the little things of every day.

It’s no easy feat, but by applying simplicity every day we can all reach that state of inner happiness! Do you want to be happy?