The meaning of dreams

The meaning of dreams

Dreaming is a psychic phenomenon linked to sleep, in particular to the REM phase, characterized by the perception of images and sounds recognized as apparently real by the dreaming subject. Colors seem to be poorly represented in dreams, just as the predominant sense seems to be sight.

Just as one cannot not communicate, one cannot fail to dream. Excuse the pun, but it is simply to say that every night, every one of them not, finds himself having to deal with dreams . Most of the time we don’t remember them, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

The interpretation of dreams is a topic that intrigues everyone (some more, some less), even the father of psychology, dear Sigmund Freud, in 1899 wrote an essay of about 600 pages dedicated to this very theme.

He had in fact understood that being the dream a psychic activity , it deserved to be interpreted and understood within a frame, that is, within the person’s history . The dream communicates something through images, which in this case become a “metaphor”. This is why their interpretation is not simple.

The interpretation of dreams

The dream content can often seem completely absurd and totally disconnected from reality, but in its indecipherability, there is a rational. In some cases, dreams are connected with what happened during the day, but more often, they have to do with emotions and thoughts that you are not fully aware of and that emerge when the “defenses” are lowered, or when you sleep.

Now let’s see what are the most recurring dreams and what their interpretation could be, taking into account that they must always be inserted in a psycho-emotional context: the history of the person. So, although there may be a more or less universal meaning , it is a good rule to personalize it according to your own experience.

Dreaming of losing your teeth

Before seeing how to interpret a dream of this type, let’s stop for a moment to think about what the teeth symbolize. They belong to the mouth, the part of our body that we use to communicate. They are also a symbol of health, beauty. In fact, anyone dreams of perfect and very white teeth, like those of toothpastes.

Dreaming of losing your teeth can symbolize a state of weakness, health problems, aging. It can also be linked to feelings of guilt, vulnerability or difficulty expressing oneself.
The meanings of this type of dream could be really many, and obviously they depend on the dreamer, that’s why it is always necessary to contextualize the dream itself.

Dreaming of snakes

Snakes are other rather recurring images in dreams. Freud himself spoke of it, and defined snakes as a symbol of sexual charge. Dreaming of snakes can therefore have to do with one’s sexuality. Not only that, it is also necessary to understand the vision that one has of these animals. Do they scare us? Do they leave us indifferent? We like them?. This obviously can give a different value to the interpretation of the dream.

Dreaming of snakes can symbolize discomfort, but at the same time the desire for change and renewal (especially in the case where the animal in the dream is changing skin). If, on the other hand, the snake in the dream escapes, it could symbolize liberation from negative emotions, or from a situation that did not feel good.
The color of the snake is another factor to consider. In this case, the interpretation of the dream merges with the psychology of color and the meaning can come to life from an infinite number of combinations.

Red is a symbol of passion, energy, or anger; in short, strong emotions. Consequently, a snake of this color may have to deal with these emotional characteristics. A black one instead could be linked to cumbersome feelings, to some hidden side of the unconscious that pushes to emerge.

Dreaming of falling

Dreaming of falling or falling into the void is something very frequent. It is linked to a state of stress, anxiety, anguish . Not only that, but it can also be linked to an experience of insecurity with respect to something, for example work or one’s relationship as a couple.


It is also necessary to evaluate the height from which you fall, in fact if this is quite high, it could symbolize a state of anxiety. If, on the other hand, the fall is into a void, a ravine, or a “black hole”, there may be a connection with a current low mood, sadness or even severe fatigue. You can then dream of falling into the water, from a bridge, falling backwards. In short, the combinations are infinite, in general it can be said that falling symbolizes a state of insecurity, anxiety, or sadness.

Dreaming of cheating on the partner

It is a very frequent dream but never (or almost) admitted. To understand what the meaning of this dream could be, we must first ask ourselves what is your current sentimental situation (engaged? Married?), And how you are experiencing the relationship at that moment. It is true, dreaming of cheating on your partner is very often an indication of something that is not working well within the relationship, both from an emotional and sexual point of view. But, despite what one might think, a dream content of this type could symbolize a desire for greater intimacy and physical closeness to the better half.

To understand well if the meaning goes more in one direction than the other, it is necessary to go into depth on the sensations experienced during the dream itself. Contentment? Joy? Anger? Anguish? Discomfort ?. If, for example, when you wake up you feel guilty, this feeling could be an indication that your unconscious is very rigid and inflexible, but that at the same time there is a strong desire for new knowledge or new experiences.

That said, dreaming of cheating on your partner does not necessarily mean a willingness to really want to do it in reality. It may seem strange, and it may be difficult to explain it to him or her, but a dream of this type could instead make us aware of sexual desires and fantasies that, however, are not able to manifest in real life.