The negative influences that affect your life

The negative influences that affect your life

Negative conditionings: stop limiting beliefs . I would like to introduce a popular story immediately. A story, which can be of help in order to be able to further investigate the issue of negative conditioning , or all those beliefs that can be limiting in achieving one’s goals .

It is true, we are no longer children, but precisely for this reason, we know well that in the heart of fairy tales there is always a profound meaning . The classic “moral of the story” which through allegory offers a different reflection and perspective to see the world. And even in this case, it is so.

The race of the frogs

One day some frogs gathered at the edge of the pond. Not far from there was an old tower now in ruins, right at the highest point of the mountain.
So they decided to organize a competition whose goal was to reach the tower. The path ahead was very demanding because of the steepness of the mountain.

Soon, the news of the frog race spread to the nearby town, so much so that many people gathered to attend the competition.
The frogs were at the starting point, and the crowd scattered along the way.

Little time passed since the start of the race when people, noting the difficulty of the journey, began to comment on the feat by saying phrases such as: “They will never make it”, “it is too difficult a path”.

The frogs who first jumped towards the tower with great energy and determination, hearing these words, began to harbor doubts themselves . The negative comments from the crowd that continued to reach the ears of the frogs pushed some of them to withdraw from the race.

“The mountain is too steep”, “it is impossible to get to the top”. The incessant rumbling of the crowd led other frogs to abandon the competition. By now convinced that the arrival point was really too far and the tower too high.

Little by little everyone stopped jumping in the direction of the summit. All except one. Although with great difficulty, and with enormous effort, a frog reached the summit.
Arriving at the tower, he turned around, and not only noticed that he had finished first, but that he had been the only one to finish the race.

Looking at each other in dismay and disbelief, the other frogs and the crowd present wondered how he had succeeded in this undertaking. What strategy he had used to get to the top.
The winning frog then returned to the valley. The spectators and the other frogs did not hesitate to approach him to ask him, and so they soon discovered … that he was deaf.

The importance of conditioning

The moral of this story is very simple . The negative conditionings that come from outside as well as our own negative beliefs (which can also arise from the same conditionings), can be paralyzing . They have the power to convince us of a reality which, however, is often not correct. They can compromise the achievement of a goal. They can make us desist from a change.

In fact, in the story it was only the deaf frog who reached the top, the one who did not hear the words of the crowd and therefore did not get conditioned. And this explains the importance of freeing ourselves from the chains of conditioning and limiting beliefs, continuing on our path doing our best, trying and trying again even in companies that seem impossible.

In every activity that you decide to undertake, there can never be certainty of the outcome, the certainty that it will go well. The important thing is to commit oneself, exploiting one’s own potential , to have the awareness, beyond the result, of having done the maximum to obtain it. It is always worth a try, even when the statistics are adverse, even when, according to everyone, it is not “impossible”.

The highs can have great power in influencing the results of your endeavors, but this same power can only have it if you will give it to them. And when I say others, I mean all the people you deal with, superficially and also with the people closest to you.

To live peacefully and make the most of one’s potential in various areas of life, one must free oneself from all those influences and beliefs capable of negatively influencing; convincing that you are not worth enough, that you are inadequate.

Remember, thinking has a strong influence on how you approach challenges, your goals, the businesses of life and can therefore decide the fate. Don’t allow a wrong thought to stop you from realizing your dreams .