The warning signs of possible learning difficulties in kindergarten

The warning signs of possible learning difficulties in kindergarten

From an analysis of the relevant scientific literature and current legislation, it is possible to collect predictive behaviors within the school.

It is of great importance to know and identify the risk signals of possible learning difficulties starting from kindergarten.

The signs of risk are mainly detectable by direct observation of the person in all school situations and it is important to pay attention when the child:

  • confuses the sounds
  • does not complete the sentences
  • uses words that are not appropriate to the context or replaces them
  • omits sounds or parts of words – replaces sounds, letters (p / b, s / z, v / f …)
  • has inadequate linguistic expression
  • he is clumsy and awkward in coordination and motor play
  • has few fine hand skills, confuses left and right, up and down, has difficulty with short-term memory tasks
  • has difficulty learning nursery rhymes and playing with words
  • in sequences, for example, it confuses the days of the week
  • in the space-time orientation, for example, it makes temporal confusion between before and after, yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • in the game, for example in the puzzle 
  • in relations with others, for example, use onomatopoeia or sounds during exposure
  • in the organization of work, for example, he loses or breaks work materials by resorting to external requests

If difficulties are encountered in these areas, it is advisable to adequately support the child by proposing strengthening activities in the weakest areas and to report to the primary school teachers the difficulties that remain at the time of graduation.