What to start with when you are depressed

What to start with when you are depressed

A reader registered with our Facebook group Psyche and Wellness launched a survey:

When you are depressed and alone, where do you start from?

Nearly 400 people gave their opinion, answering the question. Here are the 26 most frequent answers.

26 starting points for overcoming depression

# 1 From yourself

# 2 From physical activity

# 3 From finding the meaning of what you are experiencing. Analyzing the present to definitively close it behind us

# 4 From where you left off before the depression

# 5 From looking for the new. To find new ideas and go further

# 6 From psychotherapy

# 7 From the right company

# 8 From a trip

# 9 From regaining possession of one’s spaces

# 10 From contact with nature

# 11 From the things that you have left and that maybe now you are neglecting (family, work, friends …)

# 12 Trusting your pain to someone you know won’t judge you

# 13 From finding a new motivation to redeem yourself

# 14 Give him psychiatric drugs. But just to restart the engine, then you have to learn to do without it

# 15 From pampering yourself, indulge in little vices and do something you enjoy

# 16 From meditation or mindfulness

# 17 From understanding we’re here now, life is a moment

# 18 From knowing that you are master of your life

# 19 From the problems you face and the solutions you will find to do so

# 20 From reading

# 21 From religion

# 22 From silence and tranquility

# 23 From caring for someone as fragile as a pet

# 24 From music, it works like meditation for someone who hasn’t learned to meditate

# 25 Gritting his teeth, rolling up his sleeves, and getting busy

# 26 From wishes put off until now

Depression and individual differences

These answers are right, but also wrong. Because we are all different and what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. This also applies to psychotherapy, not everyone benefits from it.

Only the first, start from yourself , is right for everyone.

Starting from what we are means understanding which of the advice given by the readers of the Psyche and Wellness group is right for you.

The first thing to do is always to listen to yourself. Unfortunately, for those suffering from depression it is very difficult because the disease makes a lot more noise than the rest. You try to listen to yourself, but you only feel pain.

You have to be able to pierce that pain to see what’s underneath. Scour your restless soul to find what is precious left in you.

Only in this way can you leave again.

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